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Questions & Answers


Where is this property located? 

Off of Snake Hill Rd in Cheat Lake; contact our agent for showing or directions.

Can I buy more than one lot? 

Yes, you are able to purchase more than one lot.

What amenities are included with lots? 
• All utilities underground
• Beautiful landscaping
• Large lots provide privacy and plenty of green space

How far is the community from Lake? 

6 minutes

How far is the community from I-68? 

10 minutes

Do we have to go with a specific contractor? 

Not necessarily, but we do have some restrictions on who can build and what can be built. We have contact information for highly recommended contractors.

Is there an HOA? 

No, but there are deed restrictions, and a road maintenance agreement.

What is listed in the Restrictions? 

Please contact our agent for the document on restrictions.

How close will homes be to each other? 

Lots are close to 1-2.41 acres. This gives plenty of space and privacy between homes. 

How much are the lots?
Lots starting at ~$95,900

Will roads within estates be paved? 

Yes, development has been recently paved.

Ed Dunn Road has recently been improved and working with the state to get it paved in the future.

What agent do I contact to see this property? 

Please fill out the contact form below and they will respond to you as soon as they can. Michelle Oates Duda, Compass Realty Group 304.276.3111

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